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Welcome to the website! My name is Abygail but everyone calls me Abby which is why the name Abby is up in the title and not Abygail! There's not a lot to do here so just sit back, relax and enjoy the site! If you want you can suggest some ideas in the chat below and I MIGHT see them! It's much better than Emailing me because I never actually check my email unless I'm signing up for a site or game!! Status Cafe 'Planet Pearlia Site! a green and pink animated website button reading 'frankencycled' in a gothic font Soft Teddy Paws pink planet with a ring and a small circle spinning around it with twinkling stars with text next to it 'missymjwrites' button Glass Planet Lopster Button Visit Melonking.Net! red button to renyoi's neocities page an 88x31 button for Visit my webpage! Lopster Button kokorovibration

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